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This plan gives you more Clarity. Some writers never become published authors because they get stuck in the land of "But I Don't Know What To Do." Join the successful ones who understand that clarity comes after action. Follow these key steps so you can feel satisfied in your progress.

This plan gives you more Competence. Some writers never leverage their own life experiences and insights because they get stuck in the land of "But I'm Not an Expert." Join the successful ones and create a framework for your knowledge so you can feel successful in your impact on the world.

This plan gives you more Confidence. Some writers never reach their full potential because they get stuck in the land of "But This Probably Isn't Good." Join the successful ones and develop your self-concept so you can feel secure in who God created you to be.

This plan gives you more Commitment. Some writers never fulfill their purpose because they get stuck in the land of "But I Never Have Enough Time." Join the successful ones who have mastered the art of committing to their goals so you can feel strong in your accomplishments.

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Understand the 5 steps needed to create a powerful career as an author.

Discover the readers most likely to buy your book.

Eliminate the guesswork so you never have writer's block.

Choose the best publishing path for your book.

Increase your authority as a speaker or coach.

Develop your network of marketing and media connections.

Potentially increase your revenue by 2X, 5X, or 10X.

Uplevel your business and your life.

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